Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day

Good morning, world, and especially good morning, women.
I had never heard of Women's Day until a big sign showed up in my hometown of Efrat. It said that in honor of Women's Day, we were having all kinds of special activities.
Women could get manicures, massages, reflexology, pedicures, make-up, the works. And then there's going to be a concert.
Well, I can't wait to attend all these events.
I heard that it's Women's Day all over the world. So, whether you're in Malibu or Mumbai or Modi'in, HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY.
Now...this is really how I'd like to celebrate Women's Day.
  • I'd like the doorbell to ring right now with a cleaning person or two waiting to washing my floors and clean my bathrooms.
  • I'd like some nice compulsive person to walk in ready to throw everything off my counter tops and unburden my overstuffed cabinets.
  • I'd like someone to fix my breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • And I'd like a massage for my tense shoulders.
  • Then I'd like a phone call from at least 5 people - one who knows each of my children - to tell me what an amazing person ____ is, and how s/he must have learned all those good traits from Mom.
  • Oh yes, if my husband would bring me a diamond bracelet, it would be good too.
Happy Women's Day.

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