Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Womens' Day - Pamper Me!

Today was Women's Day and there were activities and programs all over the world in honor of women everywhere.
In my hometown of Efrat, my community center, the Efrat Matnas sponsored a fabulous evening. A real home run! (But I think that's a mixed metaphor.)
First there was a sale filled with gifts that we deserve. And since there were no husbands there, the women were guilt-free to buy all the great stuff that hit their fancy - scarves, hats, ceremics, jewelry, linens, clothing, you name it.
I spent a fortune (or perhaps I should look at it as my Women's Day gift). Yes, that sounds good. I was gifted (by myself) with a gorgeous gold and silver platta (hot plate) cover, a stunning natural shell necklace for my daughter, another lovely silver and bead necklace, and great cloth coasters (by Nechama Shore of Pnei Kedem) for cups.
At the entrance of the main Matnas building, there was a "bar" set up with the friendly Levin bar tenders, offering passers-by their delicious locally-brewed Lone Tree Beer. (The Levins of Neve Daniel produce their innovative beer right here in Gush Etzion.)
In the lobby, the Bagel Place was serving delicious dinners for women on a break from all the activity. Those salads and healthy sandwiches and muffins looked yum!
Pamper Me
Throughout the building, there were workshops and speeches, and treatments of all kinds.
One of my friends walked out of the Matnas praising the reflexologist that just made her feel gr8!!
I walked down the steps to see a bunch of women standing around with pins in both their hands. An acupuncturist was treating them for pains here and there. They shmoozed while the little needles were doing their tricks. (They said they didn't feel a thing.)
Further down in the Matnas, there were well-attended make-up workshops and facial treatments.
A popular in-dance session with Shoshie Lisker brought women to their feet with lots of dance fun.
Women's Health Center
At the bottom of the Matnas steps, I found Vivienne Glaser and Nina Alon of the Kinneret Swim for Sadna (http://voices-magazine.blogspot.com/2010/05/kinneret-all-women-swim-for-sadnat.html) chatting with the directors of Efrat's new Women's Health Center. (Vivienne and Nina are planning this year's upcoming swim. You can read about it Voices Magazine's January issue.)
The Women's Health Center is exactly what it says - a center to get the women of our area healthy - with focuses on blood pressure, real-life pressure, osteoporosis, and all kinds of women's health issues. (More on this important new center in a future blog.) We joined in the conversation and perused all info. I think the Women's Health Center, headed by Dr. Tzipi Morris, tzipi.morris@yahoo.com, is going to take great care of us gals. I'm joining!!
Miri Miri
The highlight of the evening was a concert with the super-popular Miri Mesika. The hall was packed and ready for a fablous show. And the audience was NOT disappointed. Firstly, the Efrat Matnas gym was transformed into a real theater. They had put up a large professional stage. They had gorgeous-looking lighting too. I had to blink twice to realize where I was. Before me was a complete transformation. Wow.
Some women sat in chairs set up right in front of the stage. The rest were in the seats of the hall, looking down at the spectacular stage. There were adults and teens, but it seemed that the median audience was about 28 years old. Some were holding babies.
Miri Mesika came up stage, and the audience was wildly excited. The music started, and the begining of every song was greeted with loud applause. I sat in front of a group of young women. They were singing along almost the whole night.
Miri announced that she had recently given birth, and the announcement endeared her even more to the crowd. The young women in the audience laughed and cheered as she spoke about her birthing experience and her shock that after the baby's birth she was not a skinny model-figured type.
They just loved her engaging personality and her rich music repertoire. Bathed in color - in reds, blues, greens and rays of white - Miri Mesika ruled on the stage of Matnas Efrat!
I looked around the room at the hundreds of women present. The common denominator in the room was their giant smile.
Lovely night!
Thanks to Matnas Efrat for providing this top notch evening.
Thanks to Matnas Director Neta Magen, Cultural Dept. Head Yael Keller and everyone else involved. It was obviously a very large undertaking, and it was a very large success!!

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