Friday, February 19, 2010

Who wants a Palestinian State anyway?

Everyone knows that US President Barak Obama is pushing for a Palestinian State, as did his predecessor George Bush. We also know unfortunately that Israel is pushing for one as well. In fact, the world wants a Palestinian State (or more likely they just want a word without Israel).
While attending the Jerusalem Conference, I found that NOT the entire world wants a PA State or at least not a unlaterally declared PA State. And it's the most unlikely folks that are actually against it.
I told you in my blog the other day, that some of the most interesting information at the Conference was conveyed between the sessions. And that is really true. There are fabulously interesting, intelligent, deep-thinking individuals who are not on the panels, but who are happy to share their ideas with you.
At lunch break one day, someone talked to me about a political party that runs and keeps losing, but keeps running. His opinion was that there's more money in running, then in winning and actually getting a seat in Knesset. He said that running is a real business that supports quite a lot of people.
This was a bit disturbing to me, but I realized that it also applies to the Arabs. Caroline Glick, as you must know (and I have it on video too), said that the "Palestinians" do not want a state.
Her remarks made me think of my friend's remarks. By the "Palestinians" asking for a state, demanding a state, demanding help for a state, demanding money for a state, they are collecting quite a Fort Knox of cash. By constantly pushing for a state, they are racking up a pretty hefty bankroll, and they don't have to deliver anything because they're not a state.
Egypt & Jordan
On the last day of the conference, political analyst Dan Diker, Senior Fellow Policy Analyst, JCPA and Adjunct Fellow, Hudson Institute, told a packed session that Egypt and Jordan are shivering in their boots over the future of a Palestinian State.
He said that after the Moslems in Kosovo unilaterally declared a state, the Moslems in Israel, said, "Why not us??" And several Arab voices declared that they were more worthy for their own state than the Kosovans.
Egypt and Jordan are very much against a unilaterally declared state, according to Diker. Jordan is terrified over the aspirations of a Palestinian State. Are "Palestinians" still keeping their dream of "Jordan is Palestine" or "One day Jordan will be Palestine too"? Is the Hashemite Kingdom in deep trouble? The Jordanians want Israel to make an agreement that will end "Palestinian Aspirations" for a state west and east of the Jordan.
Egypt is equally nervous. They share a border with a radical Hamas state that could (and does) cause deep trouble for Egypt. They know a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State at any time soon would include (G-d forbid) land in Judea and Samaria, but would exclude Gaza. And Egypt would continue to be threatened by its hostile neighbor. Dan Diker continued to explain that this was the reason the Egyptians are doing everything they can to broker a peace deal between Fatah and Hamas. Unless these two opposing terrorist entities are united, Egypt remains in danger.
To hear Dan's fascinating view of the situation, watch Voices TV - .

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