Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If It Quacks Like a Duck...

We ex-New Yorkers (or most East Coast Americans) have a snow barometer. We know when it's going to snow. No, it's not because our bones ache or our big toe is throbing. It's because we've got snow instinct.
I tried to teach it to my children, and this morning, I saw that I had actually succeeded.
So, while this might not be an earth-shaking blog, it was a nice moment for me.
As we walked to the car this morning, my daughter told her friend, "It's not going to snow." "They said it will," her friend said. "No, it won't." "How do you know?" asked her friend.
"Well, firstly," said my daughter, "the sky is not pure white. There's a little tint of blue." (Everyone knows the sky has to be purely filled with white snow before a snow storm.)
"Next," she said, "it doesn't smell like snow."
"What?????" (Yes, the pre-snow sky smells, and this one didn't.)
So, I don't know if any weather services need the help of a 17 year old Israeli girl that is a snow specialist, but she's available. :)

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