Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Memory and the Dream of Moses

I popped in by my friend Penina this morning. She's sewing some of the costumes for my upcoming show, DAMES of the DANCE 3 - The 7 DAYS of CREATION. I came to peek. They look terrific!!
The radio was on - it sounded like some military ceremony.
She reminded me that today was 7 Adar, the yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu. Moshe died at the age of 120 by the kiss of G-d. No one knows where Moshe is buried. It is one of great mysteries of the world.
So, Penina explained, that the ceremony on the radio is for soldiers whose remains are unknown. Just as no one knows Moshe's grave, no one knows theirs.
Sad. And yet how appropriate.
No one knows Moshe's burial place, and yet his legacy of dedication to G-d and the Jewish people live on. His burning desire to enter the Holy Land continues.
And so, we do not know the burial place of the soldiers in today's ceremony, but that does not stop their friends and loved ones from remembering their legacies and lives. Their burial places are unknown, but the influence they had on others will always be felt by those who held them near.
When Moshe brought the Jewish people to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah, G-d asked him, "Who will be your guarantors? How do I know that the Torah will be kept forever?" Moshe tried to give our blessed Patriarchs as guarantors, but G-d would not accept.
G-d did not agree to give the Jewish People the Torah until Moshe gave guarantors that could not be refused - JEWISH CHILDREN.
Moshe promised that for all eternity, Jewish children will learn and keep the Torah. They would pray to Hashem and follow in His ways.
This morning Moshe's memory was invoked when memorializing the soldiers, HY"D.
This afternoon Moshe's dream was realized yet again when the children of the Mechina (Pre 1A) classes of Efrat's Orot Etzion School received their first chumashim (Bibles).
This is the insurance policy of the Jewish people and a Jew's best weapon - a chumash to tie himself to eternity - both the past and the future of the Jewish people.
May these children and all Jewish children always be blessed with a strong connection to their heritage and may they be worthy links in the chain from Mount Sinai to the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple and the coming of the Meshiach.

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