Thursday, December 27, 2012

DAMES 6 - A Tribute to Women

The women of ALL AGES from
my own family! They don't all dance, 
but they ALL inspire!
Our dancing shoes are just "smoking" from use. We're beginning to gather costumes and accessories. We've got to get the poster ready, and "DAMES of the Dance 6 - A Tribute to Women" will be ready to sell tickets for the upcoming performing season. We're all really excited.

This DAMES is a tribute to Women! It is a tribute to our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our best friends. They are people we love, adore, admire and appreciate.

It is a tribute to their self-sacrifice, their courage, their smile, their love, their empowerment.

It is a tribute to the women who raise the next generation, who instill them with pride and teach them not to fear, who encourage them to try and succeed. It is about the women who are beautiful inside and out, and teach their children to feel beautiful and smart and strong and successful (even when they are not).

It is a tribute to the women who light their Shabbat candles, say Shma in bed with their children, make their challot, feed their families, learn with their little ones, teach them their brachot, support their husbands, inspire their friends and families.
It is a tribute to the women who teach the next generation and the next about love of Hashem, our Torah, our brethren and Eretz Yisrael.

It is a tribute to the women who rise early and work long hard hours, who travel far to make a living, who work at small jobs and large, who run companies and countries, and yet will sit up all night studying with their teenager for a final or rocking or nursing a new baby, or jump out of bed to calm a frightened child.

It is a tribute to women who truthfully make everything in the world happen, while they bolster everyone else and encourage them to make things happen too.

This is what we keep this in mind as we develop our numbers.

This is not just a show. This is a tribute to women, and we must make it A TRIBUTE TO WOMEN.

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