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Welcome to What's Up, Efrat?'s new season.

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As we film this segment of What's Up, Efrat, our hearts are with our brethren in the South of Israel who have suffered terribly from relentless Arab missiles and bombardment from Gaza. Between the red alert sirens, helicopters and booming, they have no day and no night. May Hashem watch over you and keep you safe.
And our thoughts are with our brethren on the East Coast of America who have suffered through Hurricane Sandy, which has aptly been described as Frankenstorm. To those families who are without electricity or heat or phone service, we are thinking of you and hoping that your communities will be able to begin recovery very soon. May Hashem watch over you and keep you safe.
We've got great news for you. Efrat has had a tremendous victory in its struggle with the Electric Company. Thanks to head of this action, Yechiel Fishman. Next court date: November 14, 8:20 AM.

More great news. The office of the Efrat Local Council hosted hundreds of high school students from inside and outside Efrat (including all the high schools in the region) participated three days of talking and learning in a tent outside the Matnas. They discussed important issues like alcoholism among young people, youth at risk, youth self-empowerment and meetings of Jews of different stripes. The project was subsided by Minhal Chevra v'Noar of Misrad HaChinuch.
Efrat's got more to be proud of. Two of last year's final projects in Neve Shmuel Yeshiva High School's film major have made it to the finals of the country's Dati Schools' Film Competition. Good luck to RACHOK MIMCHA and TAV NECHEH, and to all those students involved in their production. Only 12 films from all around the country are in the finals which will be screened in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Cinemateques.
You're already winners to us. 
There's a new CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG sign in town. We hope it will help keep the city clean. Meanwhile, we are still suffering from a problem with wild dogs. We'll keep you posted on this issue. If you see wild dogs in your neighborhood, please call the MOKED.
On Motzei Shabbat Parshat Chayei Sara, November 10th at 8 PM, women, teens and girls of Efrat, Gush Etzion, and BEYOND!!! are invited to DANCE NIGHT. It's an evening of fabulastic dance with the most amazing choreographers around. Join Cheryl Mandel, Jocelyn Odenheimer. Ilana Factor, Deena Navon, Ruti Ben David, Dara Sakar, Moran Marom, Rebbetzin Tap, and Nurit Rashi on the fun and fantastic dance floor to kick up your heels in every kind of dance – Israeli Dance, Hip Hop, Zumba, Modern, Indance, Broadway, Rock - with and a special surprise – a Square Dance with the incredible square dance and country performer – the one and only Debbie Elnatan!
 The former Israeli Army base Shdema, between Har Homa and Nokdim, faces the threat of takeover by the Arabs and the international anarchists once again. Therefore the Committee for Shdema and Women in Green have once again planned activities for Friday mornings on Shdema. Please attend.
On 2 Kislev, November 16th, Yael Ben Dov, a Lehi Fighter, will speak about Women in the Lehi  underground.
On 9 Kislev, November 23rd, Sarah Barnea Tour guide and Erets Israel researcher, will speak about The early days of the Motza community.
On 16 Kislev, November 30th, Lechi Fighter Ezra Yachin will speak about the emotional strength of the fighters.
Please attend and bring your families. For more information, contact Women In Green's Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar - 050-7161818 or 050-5500834,
On Sunday evening, 4th of Kislev, November 18, the women and girls of Raise Your Spirits Theater debut in their happiest musical ever – ESTHER and the Secrets in the King's Court. This year marks the tenth anniversary of ESTHER's first appearance on stage. It's going to be incredible, with new musical arrangements, new choreography and staged in a new exciting way.
What? It's a surprise. 
Order your tickets for opening night November 18, or Thursday evening November 22 or Thursday evening November 29.
Order your tickets here. And we'll see you at the theater.
On Wednesday evening, the 8th of Cheshvan, November 21 at 8:30 PM, the community is invited to an Efrat Women's Beit Midrash memorial lecture in memory of Norma Fund, of blessed memory. Rabbi Sholom Gold will speak on The Drama of Jewish History: A Chanukah Perspective." For more information [050-993-8125,]

That's it for this issue of WHAT'S UP, EFRAT? Have a healthy winter.

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