Friday, November 16, 2012

Go, Boys, Go!

My alarm was set this morning for 7:10, but low-flying jet planes shook me awake. "Drat," I thought.
Then I thought of my friends in the South who thank G-d and then the Israeli pilots every time a jet heads their way. The jet means Israel is trying to defend them! And after living under the barrage of more than ten thousand rockets in the past seven years since Israel abandoned Gaza to the Arab terrorists, the sound of jets above is very comforting.
One of my friends in the South posts, "Go boys, go!" on Facebook whenever she feels an Israeli Air Force fighter plane approaching.
So, I was up earlier than I'd wanted, but it was a good opportunity to get dressed and pray for the safety of Israeli soldiers and civilians, for an end to Arab terror and a final cessation to the firing of missiles and rockets on Israeli homes and schools, playgrounds and synagogues.

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