Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What a Good-Bye to America!

Where is the good in goodbye? ~Meredith Willson, The Music Man
I cried my eyes out as I said good-bye to my dearest mother (may she live and be well until 120) and took a last look at my old home in America.
While sitting at the airport before our departure, I had the interesting opportunity to watch the news. You know, Israelis believe that Israel is the only thing discussed in the world news. Well, surprise, it was almost not discussed at all.
Here are my notes from my hours of airport waiting. It was an interesting farewell for this trip.

Now I have to begin by saying that I truly believe that after Israel, America is the most moral nation in the world. After the Jewish people, Americans have the highest standards of love of family, community, country. That's why it usually feels so comfortable in America.
Still where Torah values are lacking, society collapses.
So these are the four news items reported one after the other as we were sitting in the airport.
** Step mom admits to murdering her 10 year old step daughter.
** Remains found of mother of two - presumably the husband killed her. He told everyone that he saw her walk away from their campsite on a family trip, and she simply vanished. Now dogs have found her bones right near that same campsite.
** Grandparents of Caylee Anthony sadly believe their own daughter, Caylee's mother, killed her - but each think it happened in a different way. The grandfather thinks the mother drugged the little girl so that she'd fall into a deep sleep in order to allow the mother to go out and party, and he thinks she overdosed the child.
** A husband called police to report that his reality TV star wife was kidnapped. Well, police found her. She was at a bar with a former lover. She said, "I didn't tell my husband where I was because I didn't want him to know." D-uh.
I had two thoughts after these four news items were replayed for the tenth time.
# 1 - How lucky for Americans that they have nothing more important to worry about.
# 2 - How tragic for Americans that they can create amazing projects, imagine great ideas, produce unforgettable spectacles, build mammoth businesses, make dreams reality, and this is what they're spending their time on.
Well, thank you America for that fond farewell. B'H, you sent me off in the perfect way to my blessed land, my dear home, and hopefully a more moral loving and family-based society.

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