Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shana Tova 5772 - A Happy Healthy New Year

On Rosh Hashana, we eat all kinds of traditional foods whose words mean something in Hebrew that gives us a clue about how we'd like our future to be.
The easiest way to explain this would be: we serve raisins and celery so that in the coming year, we should have a raise in our salaries.
You get the idea.
Well, there's a traditional Rosh Hashana seder that is filled with all kinds of signs and deeper meanings.
But then again, there's us guys who after our traditional seder, like to just have a little fun. :)
So, here's my menu for this Rosh Hashana. If it helps you get ideas about what to cook this year or next... hooray.
Wishing all a happy healthy new year.
May you be inscribed in the book of life for a happy healthy prosperous PEACEFUL new year.

Shana tova!! 5772!!

Wednesday Night –
Dinner by Ricky – Siman: May you always be blessed with good friends.

Thursday Day –
Steak salad – Siman: May our enemies be shredded.
Burgal or Quinoa – Siman: May Hashem save us from burglers.

Thursday Night –
Chinese Food – Siman: May we multiply like the Chinese. May we be as rich as China. May we take over the world, just like the Chinese.

Friday Day –
Fish & String Beans – Siman: That we should always try to eat healthy and live long lives. And one day, we’ll be as skinny as string beans.
Sweet potatoes – Siman: May our lives be sweet and yummy.

Friday Night –
Roast beef – Siman: May our enemies be roasted. (Hm, this is a very violent menu.)
Chicken – Siman: May we always have emunah and never be chicken.
Zucchini kugel – Siman: May our lives always feel magical like the Amazing Zucchini! Abra kadabra!
Butternut squash – Siman: May things go smooth for us like butter, even when we feel a little nutty.

Shabbat Lunch
Shnitzel - Siman: That we should be able to learn to speak Yiddish.

Seuda Shlishit –
Fish leftovers and salad – Siman: May we never waste food. J

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