Monday, January 30, 2012

On Location - What's Up, Efrat? 7

This edition of What's Up, Efrat? 7 went on location for some of the great activities happening in the area. You can watch the clip:, or find out more below.

* Efrat recently honored the approximately 500 volunteers in the community. What an evening!!
* Elana Gertel, pictured above left, celebrated her 12th birthday with a walk-athon to benefit the Alyn Hospital.
* Gush Etzion Foundation and its partner Metro West-Central New Jersey brought educators to Israel to learn more about the heroic Lamed Hei soldiers and build living bridges of Friendship. They traveled through the Gush and even visited Pina Chama. They brought cards for the soldiers and loads of American candy.
* Sheva Brachot were hosted in Netzer in honor of the wedding of Ortal Mesika (daughter of the Mayor of the Shomron) and Yechezkel Katsover (son of the former Mayor of Kiryat Arba), who were married last week in Me’arat HaMachpelah. 

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